How To Charter A Yacht For Vacation – The Ultimate Guide

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It may feel interesting to charter a yacht with a higher need for isolated vacation than ever before, and the sailing business in turmoil. For how much do the sailboats go for, can charters be less expensive than a week on a cruise ship for a group of four?

You do not need to go to the most luxurious places to feel the breeze in your hair, smell the salt in the air, and all the other charms of sailing. There are other places around the globe, besides the Caribbeans and Bermudas, where you can experience such a magnificent adventure.

The following is everything you ought to know concerning how to charter a yacht for vacation.

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How To Charter A Yacht

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Given the decision to spend a vacation on a yacht, you have to consider the basic things regarding the boat’s features. You do not want to regret it because you did not think about them before. 

After all, this should be a relaxing holiday, not a stressful experience.

Decide Vacation Destination

First and foremost, a location is needed. Today, with the help of the Internet you can get to know all the places which you should visit and those to skip.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some yachting ideas, not long ago, Bloomberg made a superyacht index of famous sailing locations.

There you can find where the most luxurious and expensive yachts are sailing throughout the year. 

According to this index, the first five most popular sailing countries are Greece, Italy, the United States, France, and Spain, with the Bahamas taking the last 10th position.

Time Of The Year

Depending on destination and season, yacht charters differ in price.

For example, in the Caribbean high season is from December to March, while the Mediterranean charters tend to be more expensive during the summer. That is why off-season trips are ideal for cruising on a private yacht charter.

Even though prices are less expensive, the weather may not be as reliable as it is during the yachting season.

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Find A Perfect Yacht

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Crewed Or Unmanned Yacht Charters

An unmanned yacht rental requires you to operate the boat personally if you have prior sailing expertise.

You’re also in charge of everything that is happening onboard. Supply and food preparation, schedule organization, and maintenance. Any boat that is less than 55 feet in length usually does not require a skipper.

A crewed yacht, on the contrary, gives you all the freedom and possibilities. Your only job is to enjoy the sail and think about how to spend the next hour onboard.

Most of the time, the crew includes a captain and a cook. This depends on the yacht’s price and size, so among other stuff, you can find a bartender, masseuse, cleaners, stewards, and other crewmen.

Sailboat Vs Powerboat

The main yacht trait is whether it is run by wind or by a motor.

A sailboat has sails and it depends on the wind. It is ideal for those who wish to connect with the ocean and environment on a fundamental level and learn how to maneuver the waves.

If you take satisfaction in controlling the waters and weather conditions using only your hands and senses, a sailboat is more your style.

A powerboat is a perfect boat for coastal waters and the open sea. With a full fuel tank, there is no place you can not reach regardless of wind.

As this type of holiday is mostly limited in time, the suggestion is to always take a boat with a motor. You do not want to get stuck on windless waters.

Yacht’s Characteristics

As technology advances, so does the shipping industry. Today’s yachts are often equipped with everyday necessities that we have become accustomed to and find difficult to part with.

If you are traveling to a very hot, humid, or isolated location, you should consider onboard accommodations.

You may want to look for a yacht with showers aboard, so you could eliminate the need to stop and use ports toilets, allowing you more freedom and time-saving.

Also, nowadays, it is not uncommon to find yachts with A/C. There is no shame in asking for this comfort especially if you are going to wander the tropical areas.

Cabin Charter Sailing

There is a cheaper option too, for smaller groups of friends or families. No need to rent an entire yacht when you can rent, with some companies, a single cabin.

Also, a cabin charter enables you to visit areas where cruisers cannot travel, allowing you to avoid crowds.

If you decide on this particular choice for your vacation, we suggest you charter a yacht with a skilled captain who will steer the boat and a professional chef who will cook all of your meals. You do not need to stress about everyday problems with unknown people.

How Much To Charter A Yacht?

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The single most crucial factor of price is its size, design, and to a lower degree age. Also, the price is affected by whether it is manned or uncrewed, the desired route, depending on the time of the year, and so on.

For example, a crewed, all-inclusive economic yacht charter will cost at least $2,000 per person per week. Based on 6 passengers aboard a boat with three guest rooms, a minimum of $12,000 for seven days.

Mid-range catamarans are rentable for the price of $3,000+ per person.

You can expect to set aside $4,500+ per person for a high-end all-inclusive yacht i.e. $27,000+ for 6 passengers for seven nights charter, according to the source

All-inclusive Vs Additional Pricing Yacht Charters

Yacht rentals are classified into two types: all-inclusive and additional pricing.

All-inclusive charters feature a predetermined price and typically include meals, beverages, fuel, and activities such as scuba diving and fishing gear.

Another method of charging is additional pricing. Besides the yacht charter charge for the vessel and staff, you must pay for gasoline, dockage, meals and beverages, and other expenditures.

You are required to pay an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is often around 30% of the basic price, and then pay additional funds (or receive a refund) at the end of the journey, according to the actual expenses.

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