Best Beaches In Jamaica – Places Not To Miss

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Jamaican coastlines span from extensive golden beaches to more private and hidden away bays protected by cliffs, with over 560mi (900km) of shoreline. This Caribbean island is well-known for its kind inhabitants, pleasant temperature, and, above all, its beautiful beaches. So, do you want to know where the best beaches in Jamaica lie?

Whatever type of summer vacation you like, there is a reason Jamaica is famous for its breathtaking sun and sand adventures. Regardless of whether you come for a vacation, honeymoon, or as a lone traveler, Jamaica is known for its hidden charms for lovers as well as its numerous family-friendly beaches.

To help you determine which beach is perfect for your dream vacation, here is a thorough list of the 11 best beaches in Jamaica that will provide you with the pleasurable coastal adventure you always dreamed about.

Best Beaches in Jamaica

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11. Half Moon Beach – Negril Region

half moon beach best beaches in jamaica
Photo by vivi-marco

An exclusive private beach with white-golden sand, Half Moon Beach is exceptional among Negril’s offerings; it provides everything you need to unwind in a tropical environment. For your convenience and leisure, there is a beach shower, sun loungers on the sand, a patio, a restaurant, restrooms, and swings between palm trees.

Only 15 minutes from Negril’s center, Half Moon also offers the possibility to rent a cabin for a longer stay, where each accommodation offers a sea view from its balcony. You will be situated among native flora with a ray of different trees, flowers, and plants that are used in traditional medicine.

The Abingdon Estate Great House – fortified sugar plantation was founded in 1674. It was terraced to the seashore throughout colonial times and a 350-year-old sugar mill on the property is lacking just the operational components while the original building is preserved.

Negril region hotels and properties list.

10. Hellshire Beach – Portmore Region

hellshire beach best beaches in jamaica
Photo by jamaicaexperiences on Instagram

The picturesque Hellshire Beach, near Portmore and Kingston, features white sand with dark ones in certain sections, a panoramic view of the distant Blue Mountains, and pearly blue sea water. A dynamic environment is usually full of live music and dancing, and there’s always something happening, particularly if you’re searching for a party on a beach.

The beach has a number of loungers in the shadow of the palms, as well as the comfort of nearby beachfront, seafood restaurants, and taverns that provide low-price and delicious local food and refreshing summer beverages. The eateries are well-known for their cuisine of freshly caught fish which you must visit and try Jamaican Escovitch Fish.

Locals frequently gather on Hellshire Beach, so If you want to have a more peaceful environment, coming throughout the off-season is advisable. Also, the beach is divided into two areas: free and paid areas.

Portmore region hotels and properties list.

9. Dunn’s River Falls Beach – Ocho Rios Region

dunns river falls best beaches in jamaica
Photo by Don Ramey

Dunn’s River Falls Beach is one of the best, most beautiful, and most unusual beach landscapes in Jamaica. In addition to the seashore, there are stunning waterfalls to discover, as the name implies.

While the Dunn’s River Falls descend 180 meters, the beach is less spine-chilling but magnificent, nonetheless. Since there is a beach nearby, you can spend a full day out on your excursion.

The falls are located above the tiny beach with beautiful brown sands and a sea that is very tranquil and draws many local residential families on weekends. As a matter of fact, Ocho Rios is known for some of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches and waterfalls, so locals are always somewhere around.

Ocho Rios region hotels and properties list.

8. Doctor’s Cave Beach – Montego Bay Region

doctors cave beach best beaches in jamaica
Photo by Op. Deo

There is a reason why this part of the shore has this particular name. A long time ago, at that place used to be a doctor who believed the saltwater at Doctor’s Cave Beach had therapeutic capabilities, and as word spread, the bay’s reputation surged.

Doctor’s Cave is Jamaica’s first and one of its most beautiful beaches. This is the beach you go to for a genuine beach feel, with the purest and clearest water possible.

The coastline is pristine, and the utilities are excellent, including changing rooms and items to rent, such as loungers and parasols. Doctor’s Cave has a nearly ideal yearly temperature of 80°F (27°C), with a restriction on loudspeakers and sellers, so the overall vibe is peaceful, with just the music of breaking waves.

Montego Bay region hotels and properties list.

7. Pleasure Cove Beach – Ocho Rios Region

best beaches in jamaica pleasure cove
Photo by Borut Cohne

Pleasure Cove is a fantastic choice when you are searching for a fairly private – public beach with Ocho Rios nearby. Many visitors are so fascinated with it that they refuse to share any information about it, so many people do not know about this place

The beach is so secluded that it is nestled between a large cliffside on the left side and the Couples San Souci resort on its right side, with the only possible entry, leading through the resort’s entryway. Mainly, that is the reason people do not know about this public beach as they think it belongs to a resort, but they are wrong.

If you are in the vicinity, you may explore the beach’s wonderful sandy coast, crystal water, and relaxing atmosphere free of charge. Once there, you will find a bar and restaurant that serves delicious meals and beverages, so you will not have to be concerned about finding a place to eat or use the restroom.

Ocho Rios region hotels and properties list.

6. Treasure Beach – South Coast Region

best beaches in jamaica treasure beach
Photo by Caspar Rae

Treasure Beach, one of best beaches in Jamaica, is a gorgeous local pearl with a rustic appeal. It is a popular location for travel researchers seeking a genuine Jamaican lifestyle.

The beach, which is situated in a remote rural village on Jamaica’s south coast, is a large area of unspoiled shoreline that is not bordered by many resorts or sightseeing. As a result, the coastline is pristine and rocky, and it’s not uncommon to observe dolphins jumping fearlessly and carelessly near the coast.

The beach features a number of bays that are ideal for exploring while watching fishermen on their fishing vessels on the horizon. Treasure Beach has an easygoing atmosphere, with modest local merchants serving popular jerk chicken and other regional foods from booths.

Treasure Beach hotels and properties list.

5. Lime Cay Island- Kingston Region

best beaches in jamaica lime cay island
Photo by BwoyPedro on Youtube

When the tides are high, Lime Cay Island is well known to sink below sea level, therefore there is just clear sea and white sand. You can reach there by paying a modest sum to a nearby fisherman who will carry you to an island, whereas there is no entry price to the beach.

You will see a lot of inhabitants taking their boats out on weekends. Try going during the weekdays to avoid crowds and get the impression of possessing your private Caribbean island.

Give it a shot, you will end up staying all day, taking the very last boat to return to land. This area is absolute heaven and a place you might only picture in a movie, but it is genuine and you can be a part of it.

Kingston region hotels and properties list.

4. Bloody Bay – Negril Region

best beaches in jamaica bloody bay
Photo by Wardyboy400

Bloody Bay Beach ranks among Jamaica’s best beaches. It’s no wonder that it’s surrounded by a substantial number of exceptional luxury accommodations, making it a desirable vacation spot.

It might not have a peaceful history nor a name, but the bay’s tranquil waters are among the most peaceful in Jamaica. Nevertheless, the bay’s white, silky sand reaches far shallows which is soothing for the kids or where you may stroll on the soft bottom of the sea.

Bloody Bay beach is the starting point for many marine trips. Evening excursions are very attractive, but there are numerous cruises available during the day that explore sea flora and fauna and the Negril shoreline.

Negril region hotels and properties list.

3. Reggae Beach – Ocho Rios Region

best beaches in jamaica bamboo reggae beach
Photo by Anamaria on Pinterest

Reggae Beach is situated in a peaceful cove and is sometimes referred to as Jamaica’s heaven. The beach is surrounded by green tropical trees, and the beautiful gold-like sand, shallow depth, and Caribbean blue Sea make it perfect for a summer vacation.

Surprisingly, Reggae Beach is not famous, thus it may look abandoned. This beach is frequently visited by beachgoers seeking to escape the town’s noise and nature lovers.

You will not find anything here but fresh seafood and groovin ‘reggae rhythms. Reggae is one of the best beaches in Jamaica for lovers, so bring a date if you want to spend some time alone apart from crowded beach shores.

Ocho Rios region hotels and properties list.

2. Frenchman’s Cove – Port Antonio Region

best beaches in jamaica frenchmans cove
Photo by Nigel Burgher on Flickr

The pool-style cove was formerly a secret getaway for la crème de la crème of the movie industry. Along with the tranquil, jacuzzi-temperature lagoon, the unspoiled powder sandy beach appears unique.

It is nestled near Port Antonio, on the eastern side of the island, away from the major crowded towns like Kingston or Negril. The amazing opposition between the natural greenery and deep blue water and sky, encircled on two sides by overgrown sandstone cliffs, makes this region absolutely remarkable.

What distinguishes this beach is its stunning turquoise sand shore with sapphire crystal sea, as well as a slow stream that runs along one side and goes directly into the ocean. It is a great environment for marriage ceremonies, wedding trips, or lovers’ sweet escapes.

Port Antonio region hotels and properties list.

1. Seven Mile Beach – Negril Region

best beaches in jamaica seven mile beach
Photo by 123456789lisa on TripAdvisor

Number one on my Best Beaches In Jamaica list is indisputably Seven Mile beach, also known as Negril beach. Let’s see why.

Regardless of its “seven-mile” title, the renowned lengthy, powdery white coastline is situated in the west of Jamaica and spans around 5mi (8km). The beach is frequently busy with beachgoers, swimmers, and sunbathers because of its popularity.

It is close to some of Negril’s top luxury resorts. Seven Mile Beach is beautiful and full of activities, such as riding catamarans or jet-skiing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, or eating at beachfront restaurants. You can not say your Jamaican vacation is completed unless you have experienced the legendary Jamaican jerk chicken on your comfortable beach chair with a side of a local beer (Red Stripe or Jamaican Stout) beneath a shaded beach parasol.

Looking for a soft sandy beach? You will not find rough stones here buried into the sand, therefore slip your feet to Jamaica’s silkiest and smoothest sand beach. What is more, Seven Mile beach is the westmost point of the island, so sunsets here are famous for being one of the most beautiful in the world.

In the end, it comes down to deciding where to spend your day on Jamaica’s best beach as the biggest issue. Whichever option you decide on, whether it’s a holiday with lots of activities or a relaxed and peaceful one, there is room for everyone on this beach and it’s very hard for anyone to find fault with it.

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